We thank all the members who attended yesterday’s Annual Meeting on Zoom.
The Board of Directors is now composed of:

  • Silvia Xalabardé (President),
  • Trang Angie Nguyen (Vice-President),
  • Benjamin Crompton (Registrar),
  • Maryam Golkar (Secretary)
  • Rose Jen, a new Director at Large, will join the ones elected last year: Navdeep Atwal, Stefano Gulmanelli, Tanja Krzman, Khin Tan, Ruoxi (Luke) Yin.

We sincerely thank Stefanie Kennell and Angela Fairbank for their dedication to STIBC matters as they were not seeking reelection.

Other main highlights: no increase of membership dues in 2021, we ended the fiscal year with a surplus instead of the forecasted deficit for 2020-2021, and the resolution to change the name of “Associate Members” did not pass.