Code of Ethics

Members of STIBC are committed to ethical principles and high standards of professional conduct that ensure professional accountability and quality of service. The Society’s Code of Ethics protects the public and fosters a spirit of solidarity and co-operation among members. Every member of the Society is required to adhere to this Code of Ethics.

Complaints & Discipline

STIBC establishes and enforces professional standards. Competence and professional conduct are fundamental to its members’ practice. Please refer all complaints of unethical practice or reports about unacceptable behaviour to our Ethics Committee.

Bylaws & Constitution

STIBC’s Bylaws contain all policies governing membership, titles, procedures, meetings, officers and directors, committees, the Code of Ethics, and discipline. The present document is a consolidation of the amendments that came into force between 2002 and 2020.
The Constitution explains the purposes of the Society since its creation in 1981.

Admission Policy

The first step to join STIBC is to become an Associate Member. This PDF describes the Admission process, the documents required, exams and procedures.