In British Columbia, only a Certified STIBC Member may carry out his/her practice using the title of Certified Translator (C.T.), Certified Terminologist (C.Term.), Certified Court Interpreter (C.Crt.I.), Certified Conference Interpreter (C.C.I.), Certified Medical Interpreter (C.M.I.) and Certified Community Interpreter (C.COM.I.). These have been protected occupational titles in B.C. since 2015.

Individuals who are NOT Certified Members of STIBC may NOT use any of these titles (or abbreviations) or mislead others into believing that they are Certified Members of the Society by using a similar title or abbreviation. In such a case, such individuals would be misappropriating a protected occupational title and so subject to legal action.

Note to clients, both individual and institutional: Verify that the language professional to whom you give an assignment is a member in good standing of this Society by checking our Directory, by calling the STIBC office at 604-684-2940, or by sending us an e-mail.