The 39th AGM & Elections were held by Zoom October 7, attended by 75 Certified Members and 25 Associate Members.

Because of COVID-19, this was the first time STIBC’s members gathered at a virtual AGM. The membership voted to approve the Society’s Financial Report, several of the proposed amendments to the Bylaws, and a membership fee increase, as well to elect a new Board of Directors. In the 2020-2021 Board, two new members (Silvia Xalabardé as Vice President, Evelyna Radoslavova as Secretary) join Stefanie Kennell (President), Angela Fairbank (Registrar), Navdeep Atwal, Stefano Gulmanelli, Tanja Krzman, Khin Tan and Luke Yin (at-Large). Would someone be interested to join us as Treasurer?