CTTIC to improve their certification exams

Following concerns raised by associations such as STIBC and ATIO, CTTIC has explored solutions to improve their certification exams starting in 2023.
A preliminary report prepared by the CTTIC Board of Examiners last April states they will work these improvements:
  • A consistent comment sheet for markers to use, that will include the most common comments on errors and allow markers to add comments as needed.
  • A Comments Editor will look over the markers’ comments in English when their first language is not English;
  • A section of questions with multiple-choice answers could be introduced.
  • Candidates writing from English into another language (including French) will write a reading comprehension test in English; Candidates writing from another language (including French) into English will write a proofreading/revision test.
These modifications will not affect candidates registered for a Certification Exam in 2022.