certify.stibc.orgThe STIBC is glad to inform its Certified Translators that a digital stamp service is now available: certify.stibc.org. Video demonstration: click here

Following requests from members and following the results of a survey, the Board of Directors has agreed to explore offering the service to all Certified Translators. The STIBC was busy all summer developing a digital signature solution with programmer Michael Cheers.
The features of our home-grown digital signature solution:
  1. It meets the X 509 PDF-A requirement.
  2. All document signing happens on the translator’s computer (secure).
  3. Formats supported: PDF, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, png.
  4. The stamp is based on language combinations for which a member is certified.
  5. Servers are based in Canada.
  6. The platform is built for STIBC Certified Translators and available free of charge.
  7. The digital stamp can be applied on page 1 of your document, or all pages if required.
  8. Third-parties can verify the authenticity of the digital signature at: verify.stibc.org.