certify.stibc.orgThe STIBC is glad to inform its Certified Translators that a digital stamp service is now available: certify.stibc.org. Video demonstration: click here

Following requests from members and following the results of a survey, the Board of Directors has agreed to explore offering the service to all Certified Translators. The STIBC was busy all summer developing a digital signature solution with programmer Michael Cheers.
The features of our home-grown digital signature solution:
  1. It meets the X 509 PDF-A requirement.
  2. All document signing happens on the translator’s computer (secure).
  3. Formats supported: PDF, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, png.
  4. The stamp is based on language combinations for which a member is certified.
  5. Servers are based in Canada.
  6. The platform is built for STIBC Certified Translators and available free of charge.
  7. As a comparison, Notarius was asking for an individual fee of $185 per translator each year.
  8. The digital stamp can be applied on page 1 of your document, or all pages if required.
  9. Third-parties can verify the authenticity of the digital signature at: verify.stibc.org.