STIBC is hiring! This position ensures liaison with CTTIC about procedures, orders and communication, and online exams in general. One year contract (maternity leave replacement), 14 hours per week, $22/hour.

The main responsibilities are:

  • Answer questions about Certification Exams by email/phone
  • Plan Certification Exams calendar
  • Create Certification Exams events on the website and keep records of registrants
  • Send Certification Exams instructions and schedule Certification Exams with candidates
  • Communicate with CTTIC about Certification Exams orders and schedule
  • Keep track and communicate with CTTIC and candidates about Certification Exams results and possible appeals
  • Update members profiles with info about Certification Exams taken, passed/failed

Should you wish to submit a CV / résumé, we are searching for a candidate who has relevant experience linked to translation or interpretation, customer service experience, is “tech savvy”, has strong attention to details. Submit your documents to:

Training would be offered in October for an official start in November. There is a possibility to start earlier, as a recent development with ATIO might bring more duties.