There are two levels of membership with STIBC:

The first level is Associate membership. This is the entry level membership. .

The second level is Certified membership. Only Associate members may become Certified members. In order to become a Certified member (translation and/or interpretation) an Associate members has to sit a national certification exam. Check out the certification process on our website.

Joining STIBC as an Associate member is a three-step process.

  1. First, fill out an application form. The application form for Associate Member will require from you to provide information about your experience, your training, your CV, your status in Canada, letters of reference, etc. STIBC staff will follow-up if anything is missing.
  2. Second (in most cases), you must pass an entrance exam. The application fees for include the payment for the entrance exam. STIBC staff will suggest dates for your entrance exam once the application form is received and complete. Please note that application form fees and entrance exam fees are non-refundable.
  3. Third, after passing the exam, you pay your dues as an Associate Member, which is the basic level of membership. You can therefore start to mention to your clients you are member of STIBC.
  4. Within three years, Associate Members must attempt to become certified. Registration to the Canadian certification exam offered by CTTIC is possible through STIBC.

Admission Policy

  • To learn about the requirements, we invite you to read our Admission Policy (PDF).
  • If you are enrolled in a translation or interpretation program as a full-time student, you can join STIBC as a Student Member.
  • If you are already member in another provincial association, you have the possibility to become Affiliate Member.

Many organizations, government ministries, and educational institutions in BC require translations and interpretations be provided by Certified Members. We therefore invite you to eventually seek the status of Certified Member. STIBC’s members have proven credentials and standing, are bound by the Code of Ethics, and commit to improving their skills through continuing education each year. Members also benefit by inclusion in our directory listings, reduced rates for workshops, and preferential rates for health and dental insurance, as well as errors and omissions insurance.

Admission Policy


Certified Members are professionals recognized across Canada.

STIBC Members get referrals for contracts


STIBC receives e-mails and phone enquiries daily for translation and interpretation services in many language combinations, for which we provide referrals to our membership.


We offer our members webinars and workshops that help to upgrade skills, increase knowledge, and reinforce competency.




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