As a non-profit professional association that protects the interests of its members, STIBC is likewise committed to excellence in translation and interpretation in order to safeguard the people who use the language services that its members provide. The Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia provides a wide variety of professional services to its members.

Certification and National Professional Recognition

Associate Members are eligible to register for the CTTIC Certification Examinations. Translators and Interpreters who pass these exams can obtain the Reserved Occupational Title of “Certified”. Reserved, Occupational titles (Certified Translator, Certified Court Interpreter, Certified Conference Interpreter, Certified Community Interpreter and Certified Medical Interpreter) entitle you in some cases to bid on contracts that are open only to Certified Members.  STIBC’s Certified Members have professional mobility because our certification through CTTIC is recognized nationally.

Translation & Interpretation Services Referrals

The Web Listings get clicked over 65,000 times per year for Certified Members, which is an average of 160 times for each member.
Beyond web searches, the Society receives over 3,000 phone and e-mail enquiries for translation and interpretation services annually.

Professional Development & Services

Members receive regular mailings and job referrals, participate in workshops, webinars and other social and professional activities, and read our newsletter, The STIBC Voice.  The Society also provides members with reports on topics such as pricing, language demand and industry trends.

Directory of Members & Advertising

Members are listed in the online directory making their names and specializations available to users of language services.  Membership also puts you in contact with a network of over 900 colleagues.  More than 7,000 searches for translators and interpreters on our website are done by prospective clients each year, due in part to the Society’s promotion of its members’ expertise.

Government and Institution Advocacy

The Society represents its members’ interests before governments, the public and the media, working to position its members as language professionals through lobbying and collaborative projects.  These advocacy initiatives result in increased educational opportunities, fairer compensation, and protection of members’ rights.

Preparatory Workshops & Practice Examination

Members can take advantage of opportunities to further their knowledge and improve their skills by signing up for the preparatory workshops and practice examination to prepare for the CTTIC‘s upcoming translation or interpretation certification examinations.

Preferential Rates

Members receive preferential rates for:

Province-Wide Network of Colleagues

You can take advantage of the many opportunities available throughout the year to meet and interact with colleagues from all over the province. Broaden your own network of contacts and access new sources of information.