Membership Application – Part 1 (file processing)$130 + GST
Membership Application – Part 2 (entrance exams)$200 + GST
Exam Re-take fee / Appeal$175  + GST
Associate Member – Change language combination exam$175  + GST


CTTIC Translation Examination (sitting exam)*$350 + $50 + GST
CTTIC Translation Examination (online exam)*$400 + $50 + GST
CTTIC Interpreting Examination (Written Component)*$350 + $50 + GST
CTTIC Interpreting Examination (Oral Component)*$375 + $50 + GST
CTTIC Community or Medical Interpretation (online)*$525 + $50 + GST
Appeal of CTTIC Exam Results* ($150 refund if successful)$275 + GST
Note: The $50 administration fee mentioned above is not refundable.


On Dossier Evaluation – Translation*$700 + GST
On Dossier Evaluation – Interpretation*$700 + GST
On Dossier – Community or Medical Interpretation for Certified Translators*$300 + GST
On Dossier – Conference Int. for Certified Court / Medical / Community Interpreters*$300 + GST
On Dossier – Community Int. for Certified Court and Conference Interpreters*$200 + GST
On Dossier – 2nd Court Interpretation Certif. for Existing Certified Court Interpreters*$300 + GST
On Dossier – Medical Interpretation for Existing Certified Court Interpreters*$200 + GST


Certified Member$310
Associate Member$230
Retired Member$107
Student Member$120
Affiliate Certified Member$155
Affiliate Associate Member$115
Upgrade (Associate to Certified)$100
Membership Maintenance
(if no translation/interpretation will be undertaken during one or two years; no listing published in our directories, option limited to two years)
Late Renewal Fee$25


Practice Examination (1 text)*$140 + GST
Practice Examination (2 texts same language combination)*$190 + GST

OTHER (For Certified Members only)

Membership Certificate$20 + GST
Ink Stamp$139 + GST
Seal$149 + GST
Handling and Shipping Fees$30 + GST

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

* The price of each item is per language combination.